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Fic: The Prince of Portland (Renard/Nick)

Title: The Prince of Portland
Author: Morgane (smilla840)
Characters/Pairing: Renard/Nick (mostly pre-slash), Monroe
Rating: R (for violence)
Warnings: death of a (very) minor character, spoilers up to 1x04, will be very AU very soon.
Word count: 13,500 (WHAT?)
Disclaimer: not mine, just playing with the characters
Summary: Captain Renard has plans for Nick and he will go to great lengths to keep him alive until he can fulfil them - including using some unconventional methods like tasking a Blutbad with his safety.
AN: written for the following prompt at grimm_kink: Renard notices that Nick's been spending a lot of time with a certain Blutbad recently. He decides to inform said Blutbad just whose territory he's infringing on, and who Nick belongs to, which got a little out of hand. I have based my concept of royalty in the Grimm world very liberally on the show Kindred: The Embrace. I say liberally because there are no vampires here and I’ve never actually seen that show, just read a few fics about it :) I also apologize for the lack of actual Renard/Nick in this fic. Actually getting them to bed would have required a few extra thousand words, which I just didn’t have in me. Maybe in a sequel...

The Prince of Portland
Tags: author: smilla840, char: monroe, char: nick burkhardt, char: renard, genre: slash, rating: r, ship: nick/renard
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